Sculpture + Installation
Burçak Bingöl
About Burçak Bingöl

Burçak Bingöl’s works explore notions of belonging, identity, cultural heritage, memory and failure by blurring the boundaries between these seemingly distinct notions. Through her labor-intensive process of tracing, copying, and reforming, she adopts an analytical approach to new configurations.

Her works are psychological landscapes that hover between abstraction and representation, rejection and preservation that both embrace and disregard Eastern and Western traditions. Working with various mediums such as ceramics, drawings, video, photography and installation, Bingöl constantly reworks materials and objects at a place where fiction and failure merge.

Works in the series “Follower” are experiments in dissemblance and stealth, in which tradition becomes a means of camouflage or disguise... In the work, the implicit weaponry of the surveillance camera is neutralised by the imagery of flowers, and turned fragile and even beautiful. The work tracks not only the viewer, but also the memory of public, social and environmental spaces, while inverting the relationship between viewer and viewed.

Even the rapidly changing appearance of Istanbul owes much to the historical legacy of craft — and can be seen as an ode to traditional techniques as well as a form of resisting or negating the technologies that are set against them in contemporary contexts.”

— Pablo Larios, excerpt from the catalogue of the 15th Istanbul Biennial
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