1. Why should I collect contemporary art?
so-far believes that contemporary art is on the cutting edge of cultural production. It is forward-thinking and future-oriented. When you collect the work of a young, emerging artist, you are investing in the future of our collective imagination and civilisation. Collecting contemporary art is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your money, because you not only go home with a creative, unique piece of art, you will also have newfound access to a world of fresh ideas, surprising innovation, and inter-disciplinary thought. Our collectors often find that the conversations they begin with the artists they collect, continue and evolve to enrich their own lives!
2. Will my purchase increase in value over time?
More often than not, emerging artists who are shown to be dedicated, and continue developing their practice through institutional research, residencies and museum exhibitions will inevitably increase their market value. However, so-far first advises that you purchase the artwork that most inspires you, the one you love, over one that simply has investment value. If you are concerned about the ROI on your artwork, please ask us at hello@so-far.online.
3. Why should I purchase art with so-far.online?
so-far curates and showcases artworks that are under-the-radar and wildly daring. We are willing to take risks with our artists, because we believe they are doing something important to push the boundaries of artistic and technological innovation. If you are interested in experimental visions of the future, then so-far is for you.

Unlike many online art platforms, so-far works directly with artists, which means that every time you purchase an artwork, you are supporting the artist’s career and practice directly. Many of our artists are coming to the market for the first time, meaning, they have not formally sold their work before. This is very exciting — artworks which have been previously exhibited at museums and institutions and were not available, are now for sale! With these first-time artists, we consult and advise them how to present their work so that it can be collected. For some of our artists who have already have an existing market or gallery, we work with their “mother” galleries to extend their network and market online.

so-far also strongly believes in transparent pricing (Question 4). The art world is notorious for its lack of transparency. We want to change this in a small way, by educating buyers on pricing and where their money goes to when they purchase an artwork.
4. How do you decide the price of an artwork?
This is a very common question. The value of an artist’s artworks is usually determined by their education and exposure through local and international exhibitions. All of this can be evaluated through their CV. This is why we have allowed the artists’ CVs and portfolios to be downloaded on their respective pages. When we go about pricing the works, we usually decide on a price based on their existing market (if any) or any previously sold artworks. We may increase the price slightly, if for example, the artist has been recently included in a prestigious exhibition, or we may decrease the price slightly, if they have not exhibited widely. Finally, we always make sure that the artist is more than adequately compensated for the cost of producing the artwork.

If you have specific questions on the pricing of an artist you’re interested in, reach out at hello@so-far.online.
5. How much does the artist get?
The artist always gets 50% of the net sales revenue (after any discount). If the artist has a mother gallery, we give 10% of our net sales revenue (out of our cut of 50%) to them as a token. We believe fiercely in protecting our artists’ share of the revenue — they deserve it for their great work!

The 50-50 split is the industry standard. Although we are not a brick-and-mortar gallery, we still believe in doing our best to market, sell, promote and publish for each and every one of our artists. We believe that the 50% we receive motivates our own work, so that we can continue supporting young artists.
6. Why shouldn’t I just buy directly from the artist?
We aren’t stopping you from doing that. In fact, many artists are choosing to sell directly through Instagram or more traditionally, just straight from their studios. However, many of our artists are unique in that their research-based practices would — by their very nature — prevent you from simply purchasing a piece from their studio. As we said before (Question 3), many of our artists are coming to the market for the first time, mainly because until now, they’ve chosen to research and create new work in other avenues, rather than sell or promote themselves. We’re here to help make the collecting journey easier for you, and even hopefully easier on them, with our industry know-how.
7. Can I view the artwork in person before purchasing?
It depends on the artwork and its current location. Check with us at hello@so-far.online and we will try our very best to facilitate a viewing appointment. If a viewing can’t be arranged, we will send you accurate representations through photographs and videos.
8. How do I know if the artwork is authentic?
Every artwork purchased from so-far is signed somewhere on the piece or the artist box (Special Instructions & New Media, Question 2) by the artist. If it is an edition (Unique Artworks & Editions, Question 2), it is signed and numbered according to the edition. Moreover, every artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist that guarantees the authenticity of the artwork. You should hold onto this Certificate of Authenticity as it ensures the provenance and future value of the artwork.
9. What is the so-far shop?
The so-far shop is a selection of artworks that are under S$300. We also post these more affordable artworks to our social media pages. We introduce the shop so that new buyers can become comfortable with buying artworks at a lower price range. Hopefully this becomes the first step to true collecting!
10. Do you have a return policy?
so-far is dedicated to representing the artwork in the most accurate way possible before you have come to a decision on purchasing. However, if you are displeased with your acquisition or it is somehow defective, please contact us at hello@so-far.online.
11. What forms of payment do you accept?
so-far currently only accepts payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Please be  informed that if you are paying by bank transfer, you must cover any additional bank processing fees, as the case may be.


1. When will my artwork arrive?
It depends on the nature of the artwork and your location. Some artworks require a bit more time for producing a print, and/or framing. Please allow at least 14 business days for your artwork to reach you. We can provide you with a more accurate estimate of the arrival time, once you have purchased the work. When the artwork has shipped, you will receive a tracking number. Please let us know if you’d like to expedite the shipment, and we will try our best to help. We are always available for your questions at hello@so-far.online.
2. How much does shipping cost?
Shipping rates are calculated by the size of the package, and are shipped via FedEx or a local courier if you are based in Singapore. If you are purchasing several artworks, we may engage a shipping agent and provide you with an adequate quotation. We inform you of shipping rate every time you are purchasing, and include the amount in the final invoice. We are available for your questions on shipping and handling at hello@so-far.online.
3. Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do! We will provide you with the shipping rate and time of arrival according to your destination
4. Does shipping include transportation insurance?
Yes, insurance is included in case anything happens to the artwork during transit (Question 9). We also ensure that the artwork is packed safely and securely.
5. Does shipping include taxes and duties?
No. Please take note that you are responsible to bear any import taxes and duties that may be applicable to your country of residence. These are not included in the final invoice or purchase price. However, we can assist with communication of information with customs, as the case may be. We advise you to declare the full purchase price and to heed the legal customs of your country of residence. Please refer to your customs authority for the guidelines on import taxes.
6. Can I change my shipping address?
We are unable to redirect orders once they have been dispatched. Once marked as "delivered" by courier service tracking, we are not responsible for the package. Please ensure the correct address and contact phone number is entered at the time of order, to facilitate a smooth delivery.
7. Do you ship to PO boxes?
We are unable to ship to PO boxes for liability and insurance reasons.
8. My artwork was lost in transit. What can I do?
Please contact us immediately at hello@so-far.online and we will try our best to resolve the issue and file a claim on your behalf.
9. My artwork was damaged in transit. What can I do?
Please contact us immediately at hello@so-far.online and we will try our best to resolve the issue, file a claim on your behalf, fix or replace the artwork, as the case may be.


1. Can I get my artwork framed?
If it is a 2-dimensional artwork, such as a painting, print or work on paper, yes — we can arrange framing for you. We work with specialist framers in Singapore to provide museum-quality framing, and will suggest a number of options and quotations for you. The cost of framing will then be factored into the final invoice.


1. What is a unique artwork?
This means that there is only one unique piece of the artwork in existence. Naturally, unique artworks cost more due to their rarity.
2. What is an edition?
An edition limits the number of reproducible copies of an artwork. Most commonly, it takes the form of prints, but could also apply to video, sound, digital and new media, performance, installations and other forms of new media. The number of copies is the edition size, and the lower this number, the more rare and valuable the artwork is. Editions are usually numbered and signed by the artist to verify their authenticity.

so-far works with the artist to determine the edition size. Note that not all reproducible media are necessarily distributed in an edition — this depends on the artist, often in consultation with so-far.

For complex artworks that include performance instructions, installation, photographic or video documentation, or are “sets” with a number of certain pieces, we work with the artist to distribute certain edition numbers that are more simple, and other edition numbers that include the supplementary sets. For example, it could be that only an artist’s video is sold in editions 1, 2, and 3 and is suitable for a private collection; while the artist’s video plus performance instructions, installation manual and video documentation for editions 4 and 5 may be more suitable for an institutional collection.
3. What does AP stand for?
This means that there is only one unique piece of the artwork in existence. Naturally, unique artworks cost more due to their rarity.


1. What is the instruction manual for?
Depending on their nature and complexity, some artworks come with an instruction manual. Usually, these are special sculptures, installations or new media. Each manual is compiled through consultation with the artist to fit the specific requirements of the artwork.
2. What constitutes purchasing a video, sound or digital artwork?
Usually (but not always - see Unique Artworks & Editions, Question 2), you will be purchasing one of an edition of a video or digital artwork. This artwork is delivered to you in the data format of choice by the artist (it could be an MP4, MOV, GIF or other format) and is stored in a USB. We work with the artist to produced a specially designed artist box to contain the USB, and this artist box is a beautiful, collectible item in and of itself. Sometimes the package also includes an instruction manual (Question 1), if required by the artist. It will always come with a Certificate of Authenticity (Purchasing, Question 8).
3. How can I display my digital artwork?
On any digital screen or device! The simplest way is to plug in the provided USB into a LCD television. Most digital artworks run on a loop. There are many more creative ways to display your new media artworks, so do ask us more at hello@so-far.online.


1. Can you arrange a studio visit with the artists for collectors?
Yes! We love it when collectors want to get connected with artists. However, it depends on the artist and their location, as our artists are from all over the world. Contact us at hello@so-far.online and we will try to facilitate the visit.
2. Can I commission an artist to create a unique piece for me?
Absolutely! Please tell us more at hello@so-far.online and we will liaise with the artist on creative direction to ensure you are satisfied with the work that is produced. We can also assist on payment processing, logistics, shipping and installing.
3. Do you provide consultancy services?
Yes! Contact us at hello@so-far.online with the specific needs of your project.