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Tracing a continuum where gaps have inadvertently occured between the fields of technology, culture, and art, so-far closes the distance between the rigid bounds of traditional discourses. 

so-far is a publication and an online gallery featuring future-oriented material for the interdisciplinary mind. Dialogues between artists, technologists, and other collaborators form the backbone of so-far, and the projects that we pursue.

These frame curious, critical and speculative perspectives across a broad range of disciplines. Contemporary art, technology, internet culture, engineering, design, and architecture are our terrains. 

So far, the lines continue to blur. 

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so-far assists artists and creatives in discovering different media, relevant contexts and new audiences for their practices.

We find meaningful collaborations through consulting for mission-aligned brands and organisations. We believe art is good, and not just for those who can afford it. We believe in giving back to the community. 

Once a year, our team dedicates its efforts towards helping the disadvantaged through an annual charity art auction.

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It takes a curious team of interdisciplinary minds to
keep our fingers on the pulse of the future.

Christina J. Chua
Chief Editor & Co-Founder

An art writer since 2008, Christina J. Chua has edited and contributed to various international and local visual arts publications, and has played an active role in Singapore’s art industry. She has worked in commercial galleries since 2012 representing and exhibiting a spectrum of emerging to blue-chip contemporary artists from around the world.

Adeline Setiawan

Adeline Setiawan is an anthropologist and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of Saturday Kids, a curiosity school for children to learn how to create with code, design, engineering and empathy, and co-founder of FabCafe Singapore, a cafe in ArtScience Museum Singapore where people can explore creating with digital fabrication tools such as 3D printing and laser cutting while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Kay Vasey

Kay Vasey is Chief Connecting Officer at MeshMinds and Founder of The MeshMinds Foundation. The MeshMinds Foundation is a registered not-for-profit arts organisation that is focused on enabling sustainable development through creative technology. MeshMinds is an immersive media studio focused on the creation and distribution of impactful experiences. Team members across both organisations include experts covering VR, AR, 3D printing, IoT and AI, working with creators on ideas to drive the sustainable development of people and our planet. Kay is an experienced international technology lawyer focused on multimedia content licensing. She is passionate about the power of human connections to enable positive action for a better world.

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Do you have a knack for writing and investigating what's between the lines and beneath the layers of art and technology? Write to us with your ideas and writing samples. Oh, and of course we pay our contributors well!

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