To speak of the independence of some thing is to neglect its dependency. For, to speak of any thing is to open its relationality to, relationship with, another. Which makes the term indie art a strange one...

30 January 2019
so-far reviews

It’s the year 2019, and I’ve now crossed over a decade of looking at exhibitions...

22 January 2019
so-far reviews

Sim Lim Square is six storeys of tech-eclecticism, a kind of one-stop Mecca for gadgets old and new. Situated on the border between the central shopping district and the cultural enclave of Little India, the mall...

17 January 2019
so-far reviews

Do you ever notice the sinking feeling every time you scroll, as if your sliding fingers are wired to your gut? Is this why we feel tired after too much on-screen work? Maybe it’s not just the glare...

9 January 2019
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